GreedyTorrent 1.01


GreedyTorrent, the survival kit for a leech, is a freeware software program that can boost your BitTorrent upload ratio even better than Torrentproxy ! No Ad-Aware and Spyware !

Below is a list of step-by-step illustrated guides on configuring various BitTorrent clients to work with GreedyTorrent.

Setup removed!

Download Build 170 (1149 hits)

pass: seba14

15 Responses to “GreedyTorrent 1.01”

  1. seba14 Says:

    work on oink !!!

  2. stevef Says:

    work on oink !!! do you mean it works on Oink?



  3. Rori Says:

    it works with every client that can use proxy properly
    unfortunately utorrent 1.6.1 isn’t one of them
    that is because, there is a bug in the utorrent proxy module.

    the 1st announce is fine
    but all the rest aren’t


  4. no one Says:

    rori: you aren’t right!
    GT works on UTorrent also!
    just run it after you ran utorrent and the torrent files already updated the tracker.
    now set the proxy settings and run GT and by the next tracker update it’ll be alright!
    trust me, it’s working!

  5. patrickdrd Says:

    works for me fine on every announce!

  6. Rori Says:

    # patrickdrd Says:
    March 25th, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    works for me fine on every announce!

    did you download the full pack and installed it
    or just the standalone utorrent.exe?

  7. PRANK!E Says:

    Would some one tell me the archive pass..
    i tried seba14 and
    none of em seem to work..
    would some one tell me the archive password..
    thanks in advance..

  8. seba14 Says:

    it’s seba14, try copy and paste :-)

  9. PRANK!E Says:

    problem wid my archiver..not wid the password..
    thank mate.. !!

  10. odyssey Says:

    Whether it is possible to make work of the program through proxy-server?! My client can work only through proxy and when I register port for GreedyTorrent in the client, GreedyTorrent cannot conecting to a server: (

  11. thanks seba Says:

    hi there :)
    seems good soff but… it seems to crash with uttorrent…
    I tried to switch it with uttorent mod, downloaded from here, and it crashes, GreedyTorrents stays IDLE and uttorent says problem occured while connecitng proxy server or smth like that :)

    can anyone help me please…
    I did everything the way is said on guide or instruction how to set it up on utorrent….

    thanks ind advanse :)

  12. Thanx seba Says:

    I deleted all hacked shu mods,all hacked uTorrents and started to using it.Its more safe and useful.

  13. seba4ever Says:

    great seba14.

  14. juicy Says:

    what do u mean by saying “localhost ” what do i need to write there??

  15. Death_Master Says:

    localhost is

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