uSerenity - 2.2.1 Build 25130


based on µtorrent 2.2.1 Build 25130

-Unzip content
-Add setting-profiles in uSerenity -settings manager-
-Use them as labels in uSerenity
-Default settings will be used for torrents without a label or with label which doesn’t match any of your profiles made in setting manager

Changelog for build 25130
- update to utorrent 2.2.1 build 25130

Download uSerenity - 2.0.3 Build 20664 (1431 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.0.3 Build 21177 (691 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.0.4 Build 21515 (606 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.0.4 Build 21586 (663 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.0.4 Build 22150 (2306 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.0.4 Build 22450 (1651 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.2.0 Build 23071 (1847 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.2.0 Build 23703 (2811 hits)

Download uSerenity - 2.2.0 Build 24402 (1727 hits)

NEW Download uSerenity - 2.2.1 Build 25130 (5916 hits)

pass: seba14

17 Responses to “uSerenity - 2.2.1 Build 25130”

  1. bad.boy Says:

    now this looks interesting.. i’m going to check it out

  2. Chicken-Grill Says:

    Seba! We love you! :wub_tb:
    We thank for a miracle soft! :drunk_tb:
    You - the best! :kiss_ee:
    Admirers from Russia. :clap_tb:

  3. olmal Says:

    Hi, Seba!
    Big thanks for you work!
    На этой версии userenity постоянные вылеты с сообщением:
    исключение неизвестное программное исключение 0xc0000417

  4. Bad_Man Says:

    If system settings fonts (DPI)=170% (XP) =>

  5. MarekPL Says:

    Where the hell is utorrent 2.0.4 (build 21586) leecher pack?
    I don’t knot how to use this new software from here…
    Please add leecher pack too like in old times! ;-)

  6. loki Says:

    seba please give us new utorrent 2.0.4 build 21586 leecher pack…thank you for your hard work to bring us this mods

  7. EvoX2008 Says:

    – 2010-09-24: Version 2.0.4 (build 22150) is out :)

    Thank you for your great job!!!

  8. tralala Says:

    Does this have the same feature like utorrent leecher pack:

    No anti-leech protection (no ratio) !!!????

    Thanks for the answer.

  9. DrazaVraza Says:

    @MarekPL 100%

    give us your Leecherpacks and not this SB-I crap :(

  10. seba14 Says:

    new version of LP will be out soon ;-)

  11. DrazaVraza Says:

    thanks, i hate the uSerenity and the splahscreens in the SB-i mods.

    Your way is better you have “clean” mods, without idiotic splashscreens.


  12. DrazaVraza Says:

    We wait on your leecherpack utorrent 2.2 and not this SB-I crap.

    please upadte the leecherpack to v2.2

  13. tralala Says:

    I also hate userenity. Please seba14, make your leecher pack with the current final version of utorrent µTorrent 2.2 build 23071. Thank you!!!

  14. EvoX2008 Says:

    uTorrent 2.2.1 is out. Please update us with your new proggy :))

  15. EvoX2008 Says:

    Seba! We gotta have the new stuff from you! uTorrent 3.0 Stable, please make a leecher pack :)

  16. kaleppo Says:

    3.0 Would be great =)

  17. Chicken-Grill Says:

    also waiting for version 3.1 :)

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