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Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates.

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34 Responses to “Universal Share Downloader”

  1. BuziCigany Says:

    This is a great application!
    Thank you ;)

  2. conrad Says:

    lol i meand seba :) i only use shu for l33ch :D

  3. woneo Says:

    Thanks ;)

  4. alia Says:

    very good application tnx m8

  5. YoYo Says:

    Very good software thank u seba14!

  6. tony_qc Says:

    Is there a way the program can change my ip between downloads?
    i have a adsl with a router.

  7. tony_qc Says:

    I mean between download i need to go on my router and click disconnect after that its reconnect auto and i can download the next file. Is there a way the program can do this?

  8. brian Says:

    neeed to ocr rapidshare. was possible rapidshare change capcha need new way.

  9. NirL Says:

    can anyone explain to me what is this software for?

  10. seba14 Says:

    Downloadmanager for filehoster like megaupload, speedshare,….

  11. brian Says:

    does anyone know a application like router control that supports westell modems? see i can reset my modem for a new up but i want a fast automatic way of doing this router control does this just not for mine. stupid rapidsahre

  12. tony_qc Says:

    Brian if you find plz post.

  13. tony_qc Says:

    seba can you help us plz.

  14. brian Says:

    thanks for adding updated rapidshare plugins. anything to bypass rapidshare is always appreciated.

  15. seba14 Says:

    new version added! have fun

  16. tsnt Says:

    @ brian
    Go here and dll the one for your router.Can reboot it from pc!

  17. tsnt Says:

    ps.Thanx 4 the gr8 up seba :)

  18. Talaki Says:

    You have an other great tool Rapget


  19. danutz Says:

    hy.i try this app whit update and no update on megaulpoad and rapishare and on those two for me didn’t work.

  20. lady_killer Says:

    this is the latest version i have.

  21. seba14 Says:

    I added the last USD Version That project is closed and maybe no new version will be followed :sad_wp:

  22. thankfull :) Says:

    great application… thanks seba…
    and can you tell me please when will you reliease utorrent 1.7.0 Final with multi 100x uploader ? can’t wait to that :P
    thanks many times…

  23. thankfull :) Says:

    it really works on rapidshare.. I’ve just tested it… but now on another file it says I have to wait 160 mins :( is there a chance to get a good proxy list?

  24. Logan6 Says:


    if you change your ip, then you can download again right away.
    To change your ip, google for a program called macshift. This program can change the MAC of your network card on the fly. Let it do it, then unplug your modem for a second, then plug it back in. This will give you a new ip address.
    Now you can go back to rapidshare and it will let you download again because it thinks you are someone new.

  25. DarkDll Says:

    Hey good site and good MODs!!. You’re in my bookmarks! I want to help you too!!
    Sorry for my bad English.

  26. seba14 Says:

    @DarkDll: many thanks !

  27. Andrew Says:

    Thank you very much for your job seba…is it possible to register here? Thanks again

  28. seba14 Says:

    @Andrew: Why you want that ?

  29. p Says:

    hey, how do i camplie this, i d/led the latest version and the plugins but there is ne executable?

  30. DarkDll Says:

    Seba14 check last plugins!


  31. dark_one Says:

    How does this work seba?

  32. illuminati_2k Says:

    i am not able to download plugins. can u please check the link

  33. sinnerman Says:

    thanks for app.

  34. sinnerman Says:

    thanks dude

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