BitComet 1.24 Leecher Pack - ads free


- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

REPORT Version
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

- ads removed

and many more versions (stealth, fake upload, ….)

Download Bitcomet 0.81 (1006 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.03 (789 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.05 (789 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.06 (768 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.07 (773 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.09 (751 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.10 (827 hits) ( Mirror (973 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.11 (865 hits)

Download Bitcomet 1.12 (768 hits) ( Mirror (769 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.13 (758 hits) ( Mirror (735 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.14 (719 hits) ( Mirror (743 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.15 (786 hits) ( Mirror (753 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.16 (749 hits) ( Mirror (743 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.19 (802 hits) ( Mirror (761 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.20 (909 hits) ( Mirror (828 hits) )

Download Bitcomet 1.22 (1136 hits) ( Mirror (869 hits) )

NEW Download Bitcomet 1.24 (4324 hits) ( Mirror (2222 hits) )

pass: seba14

Changelog included! Bitcomet works great with GreedyTorrent (3734 hits) :-)

80 Responses to “BitComet 1.24 Leecher Pack - ads free”

  1. milczar Says:

    Seba do you make muliplicator x10 ?

  2. thanks for all Says:

    thanks for all seba 14, plz can u make multiplicator x10 or x20 its like (utorrent) type plz.thanks verry much for your gr8 job.

  3. seba14 Says:

    i’m working for it, but it’s not so easy like utorrent :annoyed_tb:

  4. thanks for all Says:

    we will wait for your gr8 job,keep it up.(seba14) all the best,thanks verry much for all your effort.

  5. seba14 Says:

    version 0.77 released :rolleyes_tb:

  6. thanks for all Says:

    gr8 job seba14,keep it up,thanks verry much for every things…. :thumbup_tb:

  7. NL Says:

    this leecher pack is great
    but this client uses alot memory

  8. alia Says:

    can you add utorrent emulation to bitcomet 0.80?
    merry christmas ang big thnx 4 stuff :)

  9. seba14 Says:

    i can it, but this emulation works not 100%

  10. alia Says:

    what do you mean?
    is it detectable or not work on all serwers?

  11. seba14 Says:

    very easy detectable !!!

  12. maniton Says:

    seba14 will you make flashget torrent leecher mode ?

  13. Gil Says:

    What happen with utorrent?? Bitcomet is banned in many sites…

  14. REME Says:

    Danke ein tolles Mode Pack.
    Werde es gleich mal testen.

    Rapidshare geht hier unten nicht ebenso Megaupload.
    Freu mich sehr ueber den Mirror.

    Super Seite!!!

    Gruesse aus Sued-Ost Asien

  15. Beasty Says:

    Seba14 you are the Greatest….Many thanks for all Mods!!!!!!!

  16. Mark Says:

    Seba14, could you make a bitcomet version that emulates a utorrent? I want to use bitcomet in the private servers. Thank you very much

  17. Freeman Says:

    is this one detectable? will I get banned if I use it? and one more thing, does it need installation ?

    thanks in advanse for answer… :)

    and Huge Thanks to Seba :) you’re great :)

  18. Reid Says:

    Gr8 job seba…. you’re the best :D

    and please can you make this Bitcomet multiplicator x20 please… x20 would be sooo great…

    thanks again…. :)

  19. seba14 Says:

    @Reid: use greedytorrent for this emulation!

  20. lfishie Says:

    seba14, you are my king……
    I downloaded the legendary new 0.86 bitcomet mod today.
    How do you get it to work, I would like to dl with no upload, this mod can do the job right? how do you do it please?

  21. seba14 Says:

    version 0.88 added….

  22. xchor Says:

    seba can you make an emulation of utorrent for this? Because i get banned from places because I use bitcomet and im sick of it.

  23. mike Says:

    how do i stop seeding? i want to download a file with no upload and i want it to not seed as soon as my download is done. i dont want to go back to the computer and remove it myself. whatever happend to hardcore leeching.

  24. eric Says:

    Dear seba14,
    Could you make a none ad version?

  25. JohnLai Says:

    Anyone know why I am getting the message “OLE init failed. Please make sure ur OLE library is the corrent version” Note the word ‘corrent’?

  26. popo Says:

    seba14 sorry but none of your 0.92 modded version works to me.
    I’m running vista sp1 (so maybe it works in winxpsp2).

    In vista task manager i see 2 processes (maybe you add a splashscreen?)
    anyway i ask you a fix to make it work

    let me know

  27. DaBomB Says:

    thank you seba! I love you ;)

    If i use the noreport version can the tracker (torrentleech) know that iam using the DHT network? ore any of the following: DHT/PEER EXCHANGE/LOCAL PEER DISCOVERY ?

  28. czullo Says:

    The new shu is out for beta/vip do you have pass to the vip section ?

  29. DannyG Says:

    - Seba ??? anyone ?!?!

  30. terty Says:

    it seems, i’m too stupid to use it.
    there can i read the FAQ?
    For example… how to use this leecher pack? Simple like a torrent client, or i need aditional soft like GreedyTorrent etc..?
    Sorry for my f*ing english.
    thnk u.

  31. DannyG Says:

    - Why is the new 0.97 not working while others do ?!

  32. biff2005 Says:

    0.99 is not downloading for me

  33. SebamodsLover Says:

    Thank you seba! :) You did a great work again.

  34. dimka861 Says:

    0.99 and 0.97 dont work on XP sp2. Espessialy hacked exe. Seba please fixe it!!!!!!

  35. Darkobra Says:

    ya only the original program in the pack works in xp sp2

  36. seba14 Says:

    i will check this. under vista everything seems ok

  37. viewsonic Says:

    anyone know if this work on HDbits?

  38. johnnyb17 Says:

    As Darkobra said, it’s not working on xp with sp2. I tried 0.99

  39. xgp15a Says:

    confirm that 0.97 and 0.99 hacked dont work under XP sp1…..

  40. seba14 Says:

    version 0.99 fixed now :devil_tb:

  41. linkodz Says:

    It works fine on my xp sp2, seems that it has been fixed…….speeds are also fast.

  42. seba4ever Says:


  43. seba4ever Says:

    Se ba 14 , your hacck version was kinda nice though, the explanation of its function and feature was really in bad way. It dosn’t make sense for me.Will you write out with a full explanation?

  44. Trivolve Says:

    Which version would give the fastest speeds? I don’t mind uploading some. I’m using REPORT_SEEDER version now.

  45. Trivolve Says:

    Anyway Seba14, hope you can enable the “Search for Long-Time Seeds”, “Search for eDonkey download source”, “Find Peer using Public DHT Network”, and “Find Peer using Peer Exchange” in the Task settings again.

    Coz with it it’s alot faster. Plus i hate those moviex trackers that disable that option in my public torrents……

  46. Trivolve Says:

    I think the difficulty in implementing x100 or x10 upload speeds is coz bitcomet connects to the bitcomet tracker as well to prevent cheating. That’s why greedytorrent cannot use with bitcomet =(

  47. Surfer Says:

    Call Home and Adware removed in original version ? :)

  48. pablohoney Says:

    NICE!!!!!! works great for those chinese trackers :):)

    thanks again seba14 you’re greatest!

  49. DannyG Says:

    - i don’t understand there are so many diffrent version what is the diffrence,which one to use? please help
    - oh and thank you again Seba14 for the great work :)

  50. SiTWulf Says:

    No DHT crack? is better with DHT crack.

  51. Fake Says:

    Version 1.00 Works and not detectable? :)
    Someone confirm this?

    Underfull job seba14 ;)
    Thanks ;)

  52. Trivolve Says:

    Hi, seba can u tell us what u mean by FakeupII? Does it mean it puts a 2 in front of my upload, like 20kb/s -> 220 kb/s???????

  53. Leecherman Says:

    hi seba and thanks for your great works :)
    but i want from you to make BitComet spoof id to uTorrent 1.61
    because im using BitComet every time.
    Thanks again :)

  54. Trivolve Says:

    Bitcomet 1.01! ^^. Hope it come soon. GOod job!

  55. ufoni99 Says:

    Hello Seba14, will there be any version for Linux?


  56. Trivolve Says:

    Hey seba, found a really strange bug. After going to 1.01 from 1.00, i cannot connect to LT seeds anymore! It can’t even find LT seeds, even though in “Options” it’s put “Look for Long Term Seeds”! Says “no support” in the files section even though last time it could!

  57. gill123 Says:

    tnk dude

  58. wolfman Says:

    Great! thx man!

  59. ezekiel76 Says:

    I hope this forum isnt abandoned. I feel like a noob asking such a question, but i’ve downloaded the file. What do i do next? Do i copy and paste the files to my bitcomet folder in program files?

  60. Leecherman Says:

    Thanks seba14
    pls can u make it spoof id to uTorrent 1.61 ????

  61. Leecherman Says:

    Hi seba,
    i want to know something about bitcomet spoof id to utorrent If it’s detectable very easy in the private tracker ?
    and if is it, this maybe came from peer id ? or what ?
    please answer me…..

  62. Says:


    Just downloaded and emailed password won’t open rar. Wassit doin? I need some cheer…

  63. REC0N Says:

    Very good done

  64. Leecherman Says:

    THANKS seba14 :)
    pls can you tell me how can i find BitComet version (0.80) in hex ?
    thanks again.

  65. xanda1994 Says:

    what is the password? i download the .rar file and then what do i do> i have to enter a password! please help me out!

  66. 12321 Says:


  67. Chad09 Says:

    Hey Seba i need to get rid of hit and runs is there a program that can do that without leechers downloading the file?

  68. Jeka Says:

    Your job is awesome. But filehost is awful. May you upload to 2-3 different shares?

  69. Colle2 Says:

    Thank you for the Lecherpacks

    Search the BitComet 1.03 Leecher Pack.

    Can you reload this Pack please!

  70. Jeka Says:

    What’s about 7-Zip archiver? For example, RAR compress 90 MB BitComet 1.09 Leecherpack to 23-24 MB only, then 7-Zip do 6.75 MB! Users can have troubles with WinRK or Paq but 7-zip is good choise for everybody.

  71. seba14 Says:

    @Jeka: ok, I will use it next time

  72. seba14 Says:

    version 1.03 readded

  73. mmmmm Says:

    is it muli x10 ?or x20 or what?

  74. Jeka Says:

    Hi. May U glance at 1.10? Thx

  75. Jeka Says:

    Thank, Sebastian, you are the best. But may you upload to filehosting with ability to download after break? MediaFire, etc. Now I can download in many many tries only =’(

  76. 12321 Says:

    by the way, why this topic don’t showing on main page when it’s updating?

  77. 12321 Says:

    thanx for the update, but once again why this topic not going to the top when updating?

  78. 12321 Says:

    thank you!

  79. martin Says:


    Could someone explain to me exactly the function of:
    . . . etc
    I could not find any instructions.

    Thank You for Your help.


  80. alnagde Says:

    thank you

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