emule 0.50a - OFF+ 5.5

made by NoXZ / B4n$h33©

Features 5.5:
Coded in C++ V9
Share Levels
Dual Server Connect
Server Rotation
Auto Kick from Upload after x MB
Slot Focus
Custom Mod String
...and many more...

Download eMule 0.47c - Off+ 2.0 (1052 hits)

Download eMule 0.47c - Off+ 2.1 fix (927 hits)

Download eMule 0.48a - Off+ 3.1 (899 hits)

Download eMule 0.49b_beta - Off+ 4.1 (974 hits)

Download eMule 0.49b - Off+ 4.3 (1126 hits)

Download eMule 0.49c - OFF+ public (2078 hits)

NEW Download eMule 0.50a - OFF+ 5.5 (2309 hits) Mirror (1356 hits)

pass: seba14

44 Responses to “emule 0.50a - OFF+ 5.5”

  1. Nelson Says:

    A mirror plz :)
    Rapidshare.com rulez!

  2. ben'ji Says:

    New link or mirror please !!!
    I can’t download this software !!!
    “I am a french user ” lol:

  3. hansai Says:

    This mod works very good about speed, except sometimes it is closing itself. Oposite eXtreme mod all the time complains about TCP&UDP port and only connects to KAD, and for same setup (open ports on router) klot eMule and OFF+ 1.3 mod works flawless!

  4. ben'ji Says:

    Thx !!!
    the best emule l€€cher mod !!!
    Seba14 is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SenPai Says:

    Strange, but this mod (1.51) crash when i connect to a server and if i start only kad it not work!!
    Someone help me?

  6. hackzer Says:

    yes, I have the same problem…emule crashes when I go to connect to server….I have done a clean installiation but it always crashes. I don’t know why….

  7. nometoques Says:

    El mod me va bien, pero baja mas lento que el PirateMule 5.0, este me baja a saco, mientras el otro en 30 min. na de na!!!

  8. elparano Says:

    disabled the server rotation and no problem!!!

  9. dmt56 Says:

    why does it say do not reduce to system tray.

  10. seba14 Says:

    if have no idea!! i know nobody with a problem after doing that!

  11. dmt56 Says:

    sources get stuck connecting and theres no option to kick stuck sources.they sit in limbo for hours connecting

  12. seba14 Says:

    version 1.52 added :-)

  13. ccc Says:

    1.53a is out.

  14. Reitermaniac Says:

    much people say that eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.52a is a fake. is it really a fake? what is wrong with this mod?

  15. Kevin Says:

    When the problem of “DO NOT REDUCE EMULE IN THE SYSTRAY” will be solved?
    i’m using the previous version but i’d like to try this new version without that problem…

  16. Reitermaniac Says:

    @Kevin. Some people have problems with server rotation(it doesn’t connect). so when the server rotation doesn’t work like it should work, you shouldn’t reduce it in tray.

  17. Kevin Says:

    So if I disable server rotation could i minize to sytray? exactly?

  18. Reitermaniac Says:

    yes, you can also minimize it if server rotation is enabled, but there could be problems with connecting ti a new server, so you shoul decide: no server rotation -> tray , server rotation -> no tray

  19. Reitermaniac Says:

    hey seba, I would be very happy if you could make a off+ mod for 0.48a, because it is the best leecher-mod ever!!!

  20. dmt56 Says:

    yea this mod for 0.48a would be great.seba thanks for all the other off+ mods

  21. Reitermaniac Says:

    please seba

  22. link for seba Says:

    v3 based on 48a

  23. darkofdarkman Says:

    it is real.and this mod banned

    anybody know ne version

  24. seba14 Says:

    version 2.0 added - have fun !

  25. NoXZ Says:

    this version is very old.. :tongue2_tb:

  26. Xion Says:

    This emule only has good velocity with the option of server rotation “on” it is like other emule versions with the same option…
    Well if someone really could hack the waiting list or the credit system that would be a really nice job!

  27. endgame Says:

    I think I will stick to version 1.53a

    Why did they remove?

    -Emulate Settings
    -AntiFakerank Setting
    -fakeRank Setting
    -”boost KAD & Sources Exchange” Settings
    -All official fix

  28. dmt Says:

    0.48a off+, please we need it

  29. dmt Says:

    new mod on new 48 engine, please we need it

  30. dmt Says:

    new mod on new engine, please we need it

  31. dark_one Says:

    Yeah you’re right dmt we need a new version! 2.0 is really “OFF” if u know what i mean. It doesn’t do the funcions that it should because there is a nwe version out there.

  32. killabudz Says:

    thanks sebz

  33. pablohoney Says:

    neato thanks :)

  34. Gumboot Says:

    Caution with this release. It is now detected on most servers, well it is for me anyways. Have found that I am getting banned from servers as they are detecting this mod.

  35. REC0N Says:

    It even does not hammer on the servers as Applejuice does. Maybe the affiliation is missing for a good communication to some server?!

  36. gorgone Says:

    the version 3.1 crashes me after 10-30 minutes

  37. Tinuviel Says:

    Vielen Dank. Der 4.1beta ist wirklich der beste Off+ bislang.

  38. matteo95007 Says:

    wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllll regards seba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. matteo95007 Says:

    great seba xp sp3 works perfectly reccomended thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. R.O.N.N.Y Says:

    Hi guys!

    I can’t find the OFF+ mode settings in the new version 0.49c….
    There’s no OFF+ Icon in the Options like in version 0.49b.
    So where can i find the options like in den screenshots on the top of the site??

    ich glaub, ich spinn *g* sitz da und finde nichts ;o)

    regards, ronny

  41. seba14 Says:

    all settings are hardcoded

  42. R.O.N.N.Y Says:

    ah - ok thank you very much, seba.
    so that means, no upload is hardcoded activated? right?

  43. mastericarus333 Says:

    are there new version of this great client?

  44. mastericarus333 Says:

    ed2k link isn’t stored in .txtsrc file as in version 4.3

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