emule 0.50a - SBI Leecher v2.40

SBI Leecher

-add custom modstring [sbi leecher]*
-add custom modstring nick addon [sbi leecher]
-add emulate some other mods [sbi leecher]*
-add random session modstring [sbi leecher]*
-add fake echanblard community [sbi leecher]
-add extended mod thief v3 [sbi leecher]* {thx sarutobi}
-add no upload/download/queue for specific countries [sbi country]
-add upload/download/queue only for specific counties [sbi country]
-add boost specific countries [sbi country]
-add exclude friends from country block/connect [sbi country]
-add exclude leecher from country boost [sbi country]
-add exclude friends from anti leecher punishment [sbi dlp]
-add failed session field for anti uploader [sbi dlp]
-add show client country name [transferwindow]
-changed add all bans to ipfilterstatic.dat [sbi mod]
-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes

Download SBI Leecher 1.41 (1081 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 1.5 (825 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 1.6 (823 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 1.7 (773 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 1.8 (801 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 1.9 (771 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 2.01 (780 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 2.11 (773 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 2.20 (800 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 2.21 (1027 hits)

Download SBI Leecher 2.31 (1405 hits) Mirror (1816 hits)

NEW Download SBI Leecher 2.40 (6242 hits) Mirror (3040 hits)

pass: seba14

29 Responses to “emule 0.50a - SBI Leecher v2.40”

  1. DCore Says:

    great app thanks seba :D

  2. moof Says:


  3. Kane Says:

    Yes its a great program, it runs very good for a NoUpload/NoShare mod.
    Thanks for releasing it here seba. I’ve never heared something about a eMule SBI mod before…

  4. timelord46 Says:

    i noticed that i cannot connect to kad network which is disappointed which might of been a good mod. can anyone else connect to the kad network

  5. AccessPBS Says:

    its stable, fast and connects to many DLsources then my old Mod.
    this thing needs a litte bit more time to connect DLs, but his dlspeed go straight up here

    Great perf for an noup-mod.
    thx for this seba

  6. gorgone Says:

    please mirror the file …

  7. LORDofSATAN Says:

    I liked xdp mode. can you make any xdp for 49a??

  8. pechen Says:

    The mod works fine, but can anyone tell how do I fake rank with this mod? I am a bit new to emule, will faking rank even help?

  9. secret_myth Says:

    yes work great!thanks a lot !
    keep it alive with next update :D

  10. dmt Says:

    great mod thanks again

  11. seba14 Says:

    version 1.8 added :devil_tb:

  12. kutabeach Says:

    yes, it seems to be a great mod indeed; however missing flags in this version (1.7 available), show MinQR & show client percentage. still many many thanks to seba!

  13. Mencey Says:

    Hello, thank Seba, great mod.

  14. mr_xy Says:

    thaks seba! one question: what is [XS] send ?

  15. H5N1 Says:

    Sending XS means, that you can en-/disable sending sources to other clients.

  16. sunfish Says:

    Any explanation why SBI Leecher 1.8 has
    Proxy.Win32.Mitglieder.GGL trojan flagged by most scanners
    but for 1.9 it’s basically clean?

  17. 12321 Says:

    wasn’t here v2.0?

  18. seba14 Says:

    must be removed because I got a corrupted file

  19. seba14 Says:

    version 2.01 online now

  20. 12321 Says:


  21. Lemon Says:

    Can you please make a only NoComplete Version with emu to 1.7.5

    This would be great

  22. maddoxx Says:

    Any chance of getting v2.2?

  23. maddoxx Says:

    Nvm, I got it.

  24. tbird Says:

    thank-you for the new mod, great work !

  25. maddoxx Says:

    Any chance of getting v2.3?
    Thanks in advance.

  26. butzwull666 Says:

    What about the new version eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.4 ???

  27. dmt Says:

    i have the new version 2.4 how can i give to you to load on your site

  28. seba14 Says:

    @dmt: Post a link

  29. Hadden Says:

    Hi Seba, I’m trying your mod and seems to works well…

    Only I noticed it disconnects [eliminate] severals nodes which maybe it could force to connect, expecially the ones of fastweb (AdunanzA with modstring fake should works and connect). And the DLP it’s too aggressive for a leecher mod (I’ve fastweb but I upload to everyone, so losing adunanza clients it’s not good for me). I removed Antileech.dll but still block clients.
    Maybe should useful also an option to bind connections to LAN IP address.

    Thanks for the mod however :)

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