eMule 0.50a - XDP 5.6 RC 3

emule xdp

Changelog 5.6:
UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
UPDATE : miniupnplib v1.8 (umeK)
ADD : Display reason for zero score [idea Stulle/umeK - reworked and adapted to Expanded Credits]
ADD : NeoLoader detection (David Xanatos)
ADD : preview indication icon for preview ready files in all lists (WiZaRd/umeK)
ADD : share visible [indication via icon] (umeK)
IMPROVE : optimized FindBestClientInQueue function (umeK)
IMPROVE : added recognition of Ogg Theora (.ogv) and TAK (.tak) media files (Tuxman)
IMPROVE : added recognition of some WordPerfect Office document files (Tuxman)
IMPROVE : ipfilters now filter Kad contacts on-the-fly (WiZaRd)
IMPROVE : prevent clients from probing Hashset without ask a file (Enig123)
IMPROVE : fixed and optimized some list related things [gaps,icons,positions] (umeK)
FIX : GDI leak from original RedesignedClientDetailDialog feature (umeK)
FIX : HTTP downloads ending prematurely (WiZaRd)
FIX : Weird result calculation for Fakealyzer [Stulle]
FIX : feature to rebind UPnP on ip change are setable although UPnP is disabled (umeK)
FIX : rare crash on A4AF-management (umeK)
CHANGE : many kad related stuff (umeK)
CHANGE/FIX/IMPROVE : some other things around the mod (umeK)

Download 1.4 beta 1 (948 hits)

Download 2.1 (858 hits)

Download 2.2 (840 hits)

Download 3.0 beta 4 (792 hits)

Download 3.0 beta 6 (808 hits)

Download 4.0 beta 1 (851 hits)

Download 4.0 final (864 hits)

Download 4.1 hotfix (863 hits)

Download 5.0 FINAL (838 hits)

Download 5.1 RC1 (790 hits)

Download 5.1 RC2 (877 hits)

Download 5.1 RC3 (784 hits)

Download 5.2 RC1 (861 hits)

Download 5.4 (1006 hits) (Mirror) (1155 hits)

Download 5.5 (922 hits) (Mirror) (692 hits)

Download 5.6 RC1 (1696 hits) (Mirror) (1076 hits)

Download 5.6 RC2 (1856 hits) (Mirror) (1126 hits)

NEW Download 5.6 RC3 (649 hits) (Mirror) (433 hits)

pass: seba14

86 Responses to “eMule 0.50a - XDP 5.6 RC 3”

  1. Jonny B Says:

    thx for your hard work !!

  2. emilio Says:


  3. cOolJOJo Says:

    Thanks you very much !!! :)

  4. spanier Says:

    speed nicht schlecht, findet ein bishen wenig Quellen, finde ich…

  5. Filehunter Says:

    Ist der Speed besser als andere Mods? (No-Upload)

  6. xdip Says:

    beta 5 out! Can you please post it?

  7. carlos Says:

    Archive damaged please reupload

  8. giorgio Says:

    the zip file of v0.5 don’t work.

  9. seba14 Says:

    link fixed :-) sorry

  10. anazuin Says:

    file is password protected, what is the password?

  11. Vindaloo Says:

    pass is written below dl-links

  12. sadsdaasdasdasd Says:

    this mod is really good. better than any other i tried, i recomend to use 0.5

  13. endgame Says:

    Okay so there are 4 ways to hack the credit system of emule.

    1. Credits Inverse

    2. Credits X-ray

    3. Credits mEgalo

    4. Credits TazZ

    Could someone define what the latter 3 do?

  14. looki901 Says:

    seba, I need to talk to you in details, how you can do your mods? I think I can do mods, but I need some information… one of mods that I like much is the deathangel 1.4, but his owner destroyed it in the 1.5 version, and some other mods have interesting type of mods, but the emule that they used as base to do the mods is ultrahas supper, is incredible as such thing can happen, other mod that I like more or less is zzultimativ, but I think it is very imcomplete. How I can talk with you?

  15. Leecher Says:

    This Mod is not from seba14. Its made by umek

  16. looki901 Says:

    how I can find “umek”? seba also do mods for emule?

  17. Leecher Says:

    Download the XPD Mod, start it..look on “Servers”-Tab at “Server Info”. This is the support-forum.

    I dont think seba is coding on Emule. He is more with Torrent Clients.

  18. Unknown Says:

    Thx Seba for update to 0.7, but the link don’t work (FX & IE7).


  19. seba14 Says:

    all links working well

  20. You Know Says:

    You r da Bomb!

  21. Huseyl Says:

    Thanks for the g8 work Seba! You Rock!
    In this update 0.7 I know that the UPnP has been replaced by the Xtreme Mod, but after running it, the UPnP doesn’t want to work, so I switched back to 0.6. I can’t wait for the new update that fixes this problem. - but maybe its just me o.O

  22. another one Says:

    UPnP already fixed in Version 0.8!!

  23. Spirit Says:

    when can i download the XDP 0.8 Version? can you put it in here ?

  24. MoG Says:

    lool….he can’t post the 0.8 Version :-D

  25. seba14 Says:

    are your sure? :lol_tb:

  26. ghost Says:

    is it true you cant get version 0.8 ?

  27. seba14 Says:

    version 0.8 added :twisted_wp: :devil_tb:

  28. hunkydory Says:

    hi seba. i heard good things about the xpd 0.8 mod. i dont know much about emule mods & stuff. but i got this problem with this mod. when i do test to the ports i get failure on the udp. if i mark the “use upnp to…” so the test succeed but the server disconnecting. can u give me little explanation what to do?

    ja bless your holy work here thnx

  29. ghost Says:

    very impressive seba14 :clap_tb:

    can you get ‘eMule 0.48a Spike2+’ at all thanks in advance

  30. ghost Says:

    hi seba.. whats the odds on you putting new eMule 0.48a XdP v0.9
    client on your site.
    Changelog (v0.9)

    add new Dropsystem (pP)
    add Log Drops (On/Off)
    add Groups in Bold ( @ Treecontrol)
    add DL UL Priority Extension (Slugfiller)
    add/readded Source Cache (Xman)
    add Fix Connection Colllosion (Morph)
    add Optimizations/Fixes @ UDPsocket & ClientUdpSocket (TK4)
    add Optimizations @ Partfile
    add Fix Filtered Block Request (Xman)
    add Quickstart after Ip change (Stulle)
    add Reask after Ip change (Xman)
    add Inform clients after Ip change (Stulle)
    changed all Reasktimes
    changed/removed unused/buggy codeparts
    changed/fixed send Filelist to server (now under Share Level)
    removed Anti-XS-Xploiter
    removed old Dropsystem
    removed AutoDropImmunity
    removed old Prefssite 2
    removed OWNPrefs
    little Bugfixes in codes

    many thanks in advance if you can do so

  31. ghost Says:

    can you sort new xdp 0.9 .. many thanks in advance if you can do so

  32. endgame Says:

    I don’t know who created the software; but here is my feature request:

    Server Rotation every 11 minutes.

    Re-ask all sources every 11 minutes.

    And mix all the credit systems into 1 for fast downloads: Credits inverses + Credits system mEgaL0 + New credit TazZ//[Dazzle] + [gatchymule]

  33. endgame Says:

    Or just release a new version of http://www.seba14.org/?p=51 emule 0.47c - TazZ 3.3 with the option “No Upload” visible :)

  34. Mod Police Says:

    Hey endgame! This is the wrong place for such kind of requests! And i think seba cannot post any XdP Mods in future! He is kicked from the forum of the developers! HarrHarr!! If you want a special-made Mod..you have to register to cool Leecher-Boards.

  35. seba14 Says:

    @Mod Police: I ask again, are you sure ? :devil_tb:

  36. paleskin Says:

    Great works master seba, if only u would put some manuals in u torrent leecherpack and emule xdp mods, coz I’m new at both, I have used your utorrent 1.7.2 leecher pack and I think it great

  37. endgame Says:

    u rock seba14 :guns_tb:

  38. turkish leecher Says:

    seba can never be banned
    seba is a LEGEND!

  39. ghost Says:

    seba14 put a mail me or contact link on website somewhere mate.. or mail me pls.

  40. seba14 Says:

    @ghost: write a comment :-)

  41. ghost Says:

    good afternoon :-) @ seba14

  42. looki901 Says:

    you really rock seba… but about the mods available here… you made any special modifications in there or just posted the original mods?

  43. ghost 88 Says:

    hi SEBA14 , Could to find eMule v0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8 ? It seems that this mod is very fast

  44. ZIff Says:

    Yeah eMule v0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8 is one of the best if not the best the one very fasst

  45. ghost Says:

    any other clients wanted lol.

  46. seba14 Says:

    aeonflux is no leechermod, but I can post it for you!

  47. ghost Says:

    yeah u can now after i posted it to u lol…

  48. seba14 Says:

    many thanks ghost :bye_tb:

  49. ghost Says:

    Version 1.0 is out!!!

  50. Isel Says:

    who is the Version 1.0 ghost??
    i can’t see it …:-(

  51. ssssss Says:

    Thanks You seba14

  52. starfox Says:

    Thanks seba14
    This a very good mod.
    Great christmas’s gift

  53. dark_one Says:

    Seba 14 think u can help us with the ApexDC we really apreciate a new version. =-(

    And thanks for all this great mod appz! :D

  54. REC0N Says:

    Thank you thats excellent!!!

  55. Dopamin3 Says:

    Anyone have the changelog on the 1.3 version? Is it alot better than 0.9?

  56. starfox Says:

    Hi again,
    Great mod…but it crashes…

  57. spanier Says:

    Version 1.3 richtig klasse geiler speed, auch ohne upload, gute verbindungen einfach klasse der mod ohne upload. THX spanier

  58. dmt Says:

    be nice if this had the same reask time of 14.24 minutes like sins 0.5 .seba is there any way you can do this

  59. nicotine Says:

    thank for everything
    1.4 final version waiting

  60. bumsbomber Says:

    great mode, really - but it find’s definately lesser sources than other mods like stulle (but it’s not leecher). so - big thanks.

  61. rom08 Says:

    Is it possible to have the 1.4 release version,I know it’s out but impossible to find it .Really great mod thanks

  62. seba14 Says:

    version 2.0 added - have fun ! :devil_tb:

  63. fanfan Says:

    Yes thx. Good Job. I’ll test that.

  64. dj_creator4 Says:

    Hi, seba:

    Im really pleasured with xdp 1.8 a mod with high download speed, so i decided to try version 2.0.

    MY RECOMENDATION.- you should not use this version unless u want to manually connect your emule to servers and KAD.

    It doesnt connect automatically althoug you tell it to do it… so you must push the connect button.

    If someone has the same problem , please post it here to be sure is not a problem of my connection

    P.D.- Dont tell me than i must tick the button Automatically connect to servers because i previously did it…

    seba14……….. A REALLY GOOD WORK, !!!! YOU ARE MY HERO.- :))

  65. seba14 Says:

    @farfan: automatically connecting is working in version 2.1

  66. dj_creator4 Says:

    Thanki, seba:

    I downloaded this version this morning (6 hours ago), and till now it works fantastically.

    Thanks a lot to put this new version with automatically connecting problem solved.


  67. LORDofSATAN Says:

    XDP modes really great.
    thank you for this mode seba.

  68. daviderr Says:

    Please, what is the best mod between XDP and Aeonflux ?
    I have a slow upload

  69. Mencey Says:

    Hello, thank you Seba.

  70. sneko Says:

    XPD ist the best Mod, not Aeonflux…

  71. Dr.No.pt Says:

    What happened to leecher word forum ?
    I have great respect for seba and his mods but also from other developers.


  72. Vost Says:

    Hi Seba, Great version But where is “No Upload” option… On v2.2 is good, but in v3.0b2, option is not implemented.

  73. dj_creator4 Says:

    XDP v 3.0b2 doesnテつエt work for me, a lot of bugs, for instance, cant change the skin to a non text one, the minimule doesnテつエt show the download speed… so i forget this mod

    i obtained good marks with 1.4 version, but till then i think xdp i over

    SBI administrators are really st

  74. light Says:

    hi seba

    great work..

    I need to talk to you.. I have a problem with a peer id code and i think you can help me… Itテつエs very important.. Can you give me your email or anything trought i can contact you?

  75. abarth83 Says:

    the link of beta 4 don’t work!

  76. seba14 Says:

    @abarth83: link fixed :smile1_ee:

  77. abarth83 Says:

    ok!!! :clap_tb:

  78. tnovak Says:

    Share nothing don’t work for me in beta 4 :-( All my files are shared and downloaded by others… Any hint?

  79. seba14 Says:

    the sharing is only disabled for non community member

  80. quelo Says:

    thanks seba for beta6 :devil_tb:

  81. Adolf Says:

    the community has 3 more mods with no up

    Shadowmule v2.1
    emule ecb 0.5
    emule tyro 0.2b

    all in the ed2k

  82. H5N1 Says:

    Neben den SBI-MOD (1.8) gefテδ、llt mir dieser (4.0b1) immernoch am Besten! Sehr schテδカner MOD!

  83. mr_xy Says:

    what’s better? this or the sbi leecher?

  84. H5N1 Says:

    In my opinion this Mod (XDP) is better. The only thing i don’t like is the freaking leet-speek in options dialog.

  85. bumsbomber Says:

    really great mod, runs very fast, good options. thanks!

  86. s941455 Says:

    XDP 4.0 will crush netlimiter1.3

    is there any way to solve it?

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