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eMule 0.50a - Chimera 2.0 PuBliC VerSioN

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

by B4n$h33
Leecher features:
Server Rotation
Fake Queue
Share levels
no Share single File
Fakes Tags
Fakes Mods
Nick-Addon Thieves
Dynamic Spread Reask
Dynamic Boost Client
Manual Stuffs
Filter LowID
Auto-Kick System
Upload Management
Changelog 1.9:
add Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
fixed trayicon problem
Improve Better Passive Source Finding
Improve Sorces Management
some Optimization
Updated Ip2Country code
Download eMule 0.49c - Chimera 1.1 (1297 hits)
Download eMule 0.49c - Chimera 1.1a (822 hits)
Download eMule 0.49c [...]

eMule 0.50a - XDP 5.6 RC 3

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Changelog 5.6:
UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
UPDATE : miniupnplib v1.8 (umeK)
ADD : Display reason for zero score [idea Stulle/umeK - reworked and adapted to Expanded Credits]
ADD : NeoLoader detection (David Xanatos)
ADD : preview indication icon for preview ready files in all lists (WiZaRd/umeK)
ADD : share visible [indication via icon] (umeK)
IMPROVE : optimized FindBestClientInQueue function (umeK)

emule 0.50a - SBI Leecher v2.40

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

-add custom modstring [sbi leecher]*
-add custom modstring nick addon [sbi leecher]
-add emulate some other mods [sbi leecher]*
-add random session modstring [sbi leecher]*
-add fake echanblard community [sbi leecher]
-add extended mod thief v3 [sbi leecher]* {thx sarutobi}
-add no upload/download/queue for specific countries [sbi country]
-add upload/download/queue only for specific counties [sbi country]
-add boost specific countries [sbi country]
-add exclude [...]

emule 0.50a - OFF+ 5.5

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

made by NoXZ / B4n$h33©

Features 5.5:
Coded in C++ V9
Share Levels
Dual Server Connect
Server Rotation
Auto Kick from Upload after x MB
Slot Focus
Custom Mod String
…and many more…
Download eMule 0.47c - Off+ 2.0 (1053 hits)
Download eMule 0.47c - Off+ 2.1 fix (929 hits)
Download eMule 0.48a - Off+ 3.1 (900 hits)
Download eMule 0.49b_beta - Off+ 4.1 (975 hits)
Download eMule 0.49b [...]

eMule 0.50a - ZZ-R v3.8

Monday, December 27th, 2010

by morph4u
Changelog V3.8:
+ Update to ZZUL-TRA 1.9 codebase
+ Fixed anti nick thief
+ Additional AntiLeech list (anti-mod/nick) [idea from iONiX/WiZaRd]
+ Some minor fixes
+ Colors defeatable in preferences.ini
- Removed old anti mod
Download eMule 0.49c - ZZ-R_V2.0 (406 hits)
Download eMule 0.49c - ZZ-R_V2.1 beta1 (372 hits)
Download eMule 0.49c - ZZ-R_V2.1 beta2 (368 hits)
Download eMule 0.49c - ZZ-R_V2.1 beta3 [...]

eMule 0.50a - THC 1.2 (by pupet)

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Changelog: eMule v0.50a THC v1.2:
add: BlockRatio with DropBlockingClients
add: Emulate other
add: SUQWT
Add: CPU/MEM usage
add: Share Level
add: Share Options
add: Source Handling
add: Community Options
remove: ICS
remove: Delayed NNP
remove: anti-leecher
remove: no share incoming
remove: SivkaBan
Download emule 0.49c - THC (378 hits)
Download emule 0.50a - THC 1.0 (381 hits)
Download eMule 0.50a - THC 1.1 (380 hits)
NEW Download eMule 0.50a - THC 1.2 [...]

eMule 0.50a - benkei V

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

by gentil_monsieur alias LEBOBACHAT
Changelog v5:
- Sorting fix - SortProc // moloko+
- fix webservice // stulle
- no upload // SiNS
- fake rank // SiNS
- no share complete files // SiNS
- no publish files // SiNS
- change mod name // Darksky
- change defaut settings in opcodes.h , etc… // SiNS
- auto reload shared file // SiNS
- change [...]

several emule mod without ratio

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

emule v0.47c - Merza SmaLL v7.3 WIP (378 hits)
emule v0.47c - waZZa l33cher Edition v0.8 (377 hits)
emule v0.48a - Stenoco-Zone V3 (378 hits)
emule v0.48a - Lunatic (by Darksky) (363 hits)
emule v0.49b - X-Ray v1.5 (359 hits)
emule v0.49b - Titandonkey v5.1 (356 hits)
emule v0.49b - Argos Edition v1.1 (367 hits)
emule v0.49b - ShadowMule Mod v2.0f (340 [...]

emule 0.50a - Apace V2.0

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Changelog V2.0
+ based on ZZ-R
+ merged to 0.50a
Download Apace V1.2 beta1 (373 hits)
Download Apace V1.2 Final (hotfix) (364 hits)
Download Apace V1.3 (363 hits)
Download Apace V1.4 (356 hits)
Download Apace V1.5 (346 hits)
Download Apace V1.6 (366 hits)
Download Apace V1.7 (376 hits)
Download Apace V1.7 Classic (371 hits)
Download Apace V1.8 (358 hits)
Download Apace V1.9 (365 hits)
NEW Download Apace V2.0 [...]

eMule 0.49c - Toxic 1.1

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

based on Xtreme Mod v7.2
+ Reask single source(3 way: original, calculated by own algo, manual)
+ Up4Up (upload to a client only if you downloaded 1 byte more you already uploaded)
+ Friends Handling (friendslot saving, auto friendslot, friend boost, remove all friendslot)
+ Links for Server list and nodes file [stulle]
* Better splash display
* Major bug on [...]

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